About The Investigation
WFCG engineers and technical personnel have the education, training, and skill to provide remediation construction design drawing packages for a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Our remediation construction drawing packages utilizes the site specific information gathered during our forensic investigation. We integrate the building data with the requirements of the current Florida Building Code to develop construction plans that explain what happened to the structure as well as what existing portions of the structure require removal/replacement and any plans, details, and notes necessary to rebuild the damaged structure.

By integrating the forensic investigation with the remediation design, we are able to shorten the overall time frame of the claim, reduce all expenses to the carrier and help get the client back to normal much sooner than in the traditional process.

We have found that by integrating the forensic report with the repair plans, the carrier, client, contractor, and building department are better equipped to comprehend the scope of the project, accurately assess the cost for repairs, and minimize the overall timeframe of the project.

Areas of Expertise Include: