About Fire Damage
A fire inside a building can stem from multiple causes including accidents, faulty equipment, faulty wiring, lightning, chemical combustion and numerous other sources. Often times putting out the fire causes additional damage to the structure and adds an element of water damage. Once the source of the fire has been determined, WFCG engineers can assist you with the analysis as to the extent of the damage and the re-construction protocols. This effort works hand-in-hand with our other structural evaluation services and expertise. You may need expert advice in determining how much of a building can be salvaged and repaired as compared to what should be demolished and replaced.

Two areas of a building envelope that generally require the expertise of an engineer are truss/roof systems and concrete masonry unit or wood framed bearing walls. It has been our experience that the intense heat of a fire can char and weaken the structural integrity of most wood materials, deform steel products and crystallize and weaken concrete products. Proper sampling and testing of the individual components is the key to determining if they have been compromised or if they may be cleaned and re-used.

Our team of engineers utilize appropriate test methods, sound engineering judgment and accurate reporting to deliver to you a thorough assessment and repair strategy.