Investigative Services

House Fade
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The first few days after a catastrophic weather event are critical and time is of the essence.

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Roof Damage

When roof damage is suspected it is important to find a consultant who can discern between the numerous possible contributing causes.

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Structural Damage

The assessment of cause and origin of structural failures can be a very arduous process.

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Water Damage

Determination of the cause of water damage is commonly subtle and challenging.

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Tile Pop

When tile floors "tent" or "pop" upward you need a forensic engineering consultant that can quickly discern between structural and installation issues.

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Fire Damage

When fire strikes a structure it can be difficult to determine what portions of the structure need remediation and which portions don't.

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When ground and foundation issues strike a structure you need experienced forensic geotechnical engineers to evaluate your situation.

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Seawall Failure

Seawall failures can frequently be difficult to discern the failure mode as much of the structure is not visible so it is important to find a consultant with sufficient experience.

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Construction Defects

Determining whether a structure was properly constructed and/or designed requires not only engineering knowledge, but also knowledge of proper construction and design codes.

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