About Water Intrusion
Water intrusion into a building envelope is a significant problem to today's modern structures. The problems caused by water intrusion into a building range from a nuisance to complete devastation. Locating the source of where water is entering a building can be quite a mystery and requires a qualified expert with experience in pin pointing the source. Our engineering staff is up to the challenge.

WFCG utilizes numerous techniques and tools to quickly and accurately determine the source of water intrusion, including site observations, electronic moisture meters, water pressure tests, ultrasound technology and infrared photography just to name a few. Leaving a water leak un-checked often leads to a myriad of other problems within a building/residence such as wood rot, drywall damage, flooring damage, mold and mildew issues and environmental health concerns.

Once identified, WFCG reports on the root cause of the problem, details the mode of failure and provides solutions to the problem at hand. We ensure that the solution is practical, feasible and complies with applicable building codes.
Areas of Expertise Include:
  • Plumbing and Water System Failures
  • Roof Drainage System Failures
  • Appliance Failures
  • Ground Water Table Issues
  • Storm and Wind Damage
  • Rainfall Issues